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Pohutakawa Bay is approximately 30 minutes north of Auckland CBD. It’s part of the Long Bay Regional Park. The bay itself is a 20 - 30 minute walk from the northern most carpark. At low tide you can reach it walking along the beach. At high tide there is a gravel walking track straight to it.


The walking track that leaves the northern most carpark is very pleasent. It wanders through sub-tropical rain forest typical of the upper North Island. Further along the track opens out to pasture, with a working diary farm bordering the park.

Pohutukawa Bay Track Bush Pohutukawa Bay Track Signs
Open fields on track View to Long Bay

The track itself is well sign posted. Just follow the Costal Track from the car park.


I visited mid week, mid afternoon just after high tide February 2022 and the beach had around a dozen people there. 90% were naturists. There were a couple of random passers-by, but the atmosphere was very welcoming.

A number of people were swimming including myself. With the tide at about 1.65m it was quite swimmable. The bottom is a mixture of smooth rock and sand. Even at that level you don’t need to wade far to reach 1.5 - 2m of depth.

Based on my visit I’d highly recommend this beach for naturists. The Pohutukawa trees that the bay is named after provide plenty of cover from any prying eyes on the track.

Personal Notes

The quote of the day was an older gentleman there with his wife who told me while we were swimming; “I was on the track one day and noticed people were swimming down here. I realised that they were in the nude. I gave it a try myself, and haven’t been able to go swimming with trunks on since.”

This nicely dispells the notion some people have that first reactions are going to be shock or offence. On the contray, I think people are quite willing to give it a go when they can see others setting an example.

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