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Over the years I’ve often had quite a lot I’ve felt compelled to express. The last four years have been an exception. These last four years I’ve reflected inward far more deeply and in so doing, had far less to say about what I’ve observed.

It doesn’t take a crisis in one’s life to pause and reevaluate. Many people wait until a health crisis or family bereavement strikes them before they feel compelled to take stock, question their values, and reassess what’s important to them.

Year to year I do this regularly. A little less frequently I do a much more significant stocktake to gauge how I’m doing at an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

It occurred to me after such an assessment, I’ve been able to sustain a state of being where not only am I far less troubled for extended periods of time. I’ve acquired the ability to see trouble before it begins. Recognise turbulent emotions and simply let them pass like a rain shower, rather than have them pick me up within a torrent, and carry me away with them to a distressing and undesirable state of mind.

I also came to realise that the inner turmoil I’d previously experienced, trying to rationalise and reconcile my aspiration towards a naturist lifestyle; and the many obstacles seemingly thrown in the way by social norms, has all but resolved and dissipated. In no small part to a simple mental shift from generalised frustration to a more peaceful accepting of what actually is.

Somewhat recently I started exploring the net to see what commentary is available on the subject of naturism and body freedom. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of blogs expressing fresh discovery of naturism, skinny dipping and activities less bound to the traditional nudist community. This inspired me no end to contribute to the conversation people are having. More to the point, it occurred to the more ordinary people talk about their thoughts and experiences on this topic, the more encouraged others are likely to be to take courage, and find their own way to personal freedom of mind and body.

So welcome to the blog. I hope you find some nourishing food for thought.

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