The Magician
By Carlwroehrig - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

From birth, each of us has at our disposal a quantum processor that surpasses the computational abilities of the most sophisticated and powerful man-made equivalent. We can detect without any conscious thought when the lip sync of an image is out by a split second with the audio. We all naturally lip read without consciously realising it.

Likewise, it’s not usually necessary to understand another language to see a scene unfold in the street, and be able to determine what is transpiring based solely on body language and tones of voice. Actual words only make up 10 - 15% of our communication. Facial expressions, body language and tone make up the rest.

This in part is how we’re able to sense that somebody isn’t being completely honest with us, or some other aspect of them is “off” somehow. The neural processor in our head detects all of this and far more through a lightening fast process of pattern matching.

Given all this astounding thinking power, how do we typically use all this mental capability in our day to day lives?

A recurring theme through science fiction is the notion of an artificial intelligence that goes rouge. Somehow or another through incorrect programming, or the power of it’s own deduction. An artificial intelligence goes rogue, and sets upon widespread indiscriminate destruction of the planet and it’s inhabitants including humans. It does this because “they” are identified as the problem and removing them removes the problem.

This is something that we inherently fear, and are at pains to avoid if we can. Were we to shine the spotlight upon ourselves though, would this perhaps lead use to wonder of ourselves, “Are we the baddies?”

That of course is a ludicrous notion, because unlike everyone else, we are good. At least our intentions are usually good. We try our best to be good, and that by it’s very nature makes us good doesn’t it?

The problem then, is that it’s actually everyone else who seldom have our best interests at heart who are the problem.

The person who cuts us off in traffic because they think their agenda is more important than ours. The person playing loud music on their headphones with no regard for our desire for peace and quiet after a terrible night’s sleep. The list of irritations is near endless because everybody is so tied up in their own wants and needs. We might as well be invisible for all the consideration they give us.

It’s little wonder that the reason we’re all so stressed, angry, frustrated and outright exhausted is because other people make us feel this way! Try as we might, they seem to invent whole new ways to annoy and irritate us. No wonder peace and goodwill is so hard to come by in this world.

Now imagine for a moment that you had a magical power where you could choose whether to be upset by others or not. No matter how hard they tried, or what they did, it was always like water off a duck’s back to you. You could in fact do as you please, and in so doing, be so inwardly tranquil and at peace, it actually felt great to help others purely out of the goodness of your own heart. No sense of duty or obligation. It’s like having such an abundance of food, it almost seems like a waste not to give it to somebody else who would appreciate it or need it more than you do. It is an effortless gesture.

By harnessing the power of our mind, focussing it inwardly and reprogramming all the destructive judgemental programming that’s been instilled in us since childhood, it is in fact possible to transcend the reptilian mammal brains that are hard wired for our survival.

Most simple things are easier said than done. Taking ownership and personal responsibility for our thoughts and emotions are no different. It takes hard work to see ourselves beginning to lose control, and default to fight, freeze or flight when confronted by somebody putting their own interests ahead of our own, to our detriment. The reward however is those who never acquire this super power will forever dwell within a self created hell. We who are able on the other hand will ascend to a state of near constant tranquility where we actually seek out problems and challenges just to put ourself to the test. To increase our peace to a point where nothing truly troubles us.

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