Universal Naturist
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There is a special state of being to be had when one is able to free themselves of all outer layers and immerse themselves into nature to a point at which all the abundant interconnectivity of the natural world can be experienced. It’s only at this point that our being is able to become at one with nature.

Prior to the modern society as we know it, within precolonial communities of indigenous peoples, this communion with nature was common place. People’s connection with the environment was second nature. They took only what they needed, shared oral histories about the spiritual nature of each living thing; including those not thought by western culture to be living; such as rocks, rivers and mountains. To name but a few.

We need not speculate about the connection these people had with nature. As a modern society we have largely alienated ourselves from the natural environment. Except perhaps to fleetingly visit; but even then as a disconnected alien species far removed from what lies beneath.

Aside from indigenous people who struggle to retain this connection within their culture and their lives, there are perhaps a small few that dare contradict the social mores, and indulge themselves in a natural communion when they’re able.

Among these few are those who would refer to themselves as Naturists. Not all share a common philosophy or experience of nature. What all will attest to, including those in nudist communities, is the utter joy, freedom and pleasure of walking, swimming or otherwise experiencing the environment without clothes.

There are untold barriers to this experience that range from cognitive and cultural prejudice, right through to legal prohibitions, limited access to appropriate spaces and a general lack of broader understanding. Why would anyone of sound mind wish to experience the outdoors naked? What perverse agenda would they have?

Great volumes have been written to address the path of history that leads us to the present state. What blog posts on this site filed under the category of nature aim to communicate is; how one might go about reframing their thoughts on nudity and the naked body so as to explore a more natural communion with the environment.

Using the mind, it becomes possible to free the body to explore nature free of inhibitions, prejudice and other such limitations.

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