The Hermit
By Leigh McCloskey - Tarot ReVisioned CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m MystrD.

An open minded free spirited mystic living in the land of the long white cloud; Aotearoa.

I’ve always drawn great inspriration and motivation from the words, thoughts and ideas of others. Whether I have entirely agreed or aligned with other’s views hasn’t entirely mattered. Hearing opposing, contridictory views can be just as enlightening as complimentry compatible views. What has always been appreciated, and valued is being able to expand ones own views based on what one sees and hears around them.

No one person possesses any given truth completely. The more diversity in views and opinions one can expose themselves to; the more chance there is that a broader perspective and understanding can be obtained.

To that end, this is a site consisting largely of inner exploration and reflection.

The Hermit

I’ve always admired the meaning behind this tarot card. It represents wisdom and lighting of the way for others.

It’s about sharing lessons learned. Making known what has previously been unknown. For me personally it represents the sharing of wisdom, and thus is representative of the objectives this site sets out to accomplish; sharing what wisdom there is to be had.

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